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Strevett Keith

"Keith Strevett "

Professor, School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science
College of Engineering, University of Oklahoma,
202 West Boyd, Room 334, Norman, OK 73019-1024
Phone: 405-325-4237; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Michigan State University Microbiology and Public Health B.Sc., 1992
Michigan State University Civil Engineering B.Sc., 1992
University of Connecticut Environmental Engineering Ph.D., 1995

1995 – present Professor, College of Engineering, School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science, Norman, OK
2004 – present Associate Director, Center for Restoration of Ecosystems and Watersheds, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
2005 – 2008 Associate Director, Water Technologies for Emerging Regions Center, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
2000 – 2004 Adjunct Professor of Microbiology, College of Natural Science, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
1993 – 1995 Environmental Engineer, Hoag and Grasso, Storrs, CT
1986 – 1992 Research Assistant, Michigan Biotechnology Institute, East Lansing, MI

(C) Research Activities
i. Four Most Relevant Publications (out of more than 50 peer reviewed publications)
1. Karapanagioti, H., Gossard, C., Strevett, K.A., Kolar, R.L., and D.A. Sabatini. 2001 "Model Coupling Intraparticle Diffusion/Sorption, Nonlinear Sorption and Biodegradation Processes", Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 48:1-21.
2. Folmsbee, M, Strevett, K.A., K. Stafford, and C. Evenson. 1999. "The effect of sampling time on the total efficiency of the Andersen sampler: A field study" Journal of Aerosol Science 30:1-9.
3. Strevett, K.A., M. Villatoro and K. Stafford. "The effect of sampling time on the Andersen sampler: A field study" American Society for Microbiology Missouri Valley Branch, University of Kansas, Kansas, April 11, 1997.
4. Strevett, K.A., R. Vieth and D. Grasso. 1995. "Chemoautotrophic biogas purification for methane enrichment: mechanism and kinetics", Biochemical Engineering Journal, 58:71-79.
ii. Three Significant Research Efforts
1. Nairn, R., Strevett, K.A., "Aerating Off the Grid: Advancing Passive Treatment with Solar and Wind Power" US Department of Interior, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement; 01/11-12/12.
2. Strevett, K.A. "Assessment of the Wastewater Treatment Lagoons at the ConocoPhillips Oil Refinery in Ponca City, OK" Conoco-Phillips, 04/04-12/05
3. Nairn, R., Strevett, K.A., Knox, R., and Bassar, R. "Remediation and Restoration Monitoring at the Tar Creek Superfund Site" US Department of Interior, USGS, 03/04-06/06.

• Relevant cross-disciplinary grant activity
o Strevett, KA and Cerato, A. "Research Experience for Under-Represented Students" National Science Foundation; 1/11-12/13
o Coffman, Reid, Warnken, C, Boeck, D, McManus, W, McKown, R, Nairn, R., Strevett, K.A., "Best Management Practice Demonstration Neighborhood in Little River Watershed" Oklahoma Conservation Commission; 05/09-04/12.
o Strevett, KA and Cerato, A. "REU in Sustainable Technologies for Infrastructure and the Environment" National Science Foundation, 4/06-3/10.
o Zaman, M., Co-PI: K.A. Strevett, A. Kukreti, and R. Knox. "Groundwater sensitivity analysis for potential pollution sources" Oklahoma Conservation Commission and Environmental Protection Agency, 12/96-12/00, 1996 319(H) Task 68.
• Associate Director, Water Technology for Emerging Regions Center. The WaTER Center was founded in 2006 to meet a growing need for university-based programs in the area of international water supply and sanitation. 2005 - 2008.
• Associate Director, Center for Research in Ecosystems and Watersheds. CREW was established to perform comprehensive evaluations of environmental impact and to develop sustainable environmental remediation and restoration.
• Board Member, Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Underground Storage Tank Division, State of Oklahoma (2001-2006)

i. Collaborators
D. Grasso (University of Vermont), H. Pesari (University of Connecticut), R. Coffman (Kent State University), R. Tanner (University of Oklahoma), J. Suflita (University of Oklahoma), R. Nairn (University of Oklahoma), J. Welman (USGS), T. Beisel (CH2M-Hill), J. Bay (CH2M-Hill), M. Sonwalkar (Cameron University), B. Matthews (University of Oklahoma), D. Sabatini (University of Oklahoma).

ii. Graduate Advisors
Ph.D. Advisor: Dominico Grasso, PhD, PE

iii. Graduate Student Advisees
M. Folmsbee (1997), C. Quinlan (1998), C. Goudar (1998), J. Sund (2000), F. Hall (2001), G. Chen (2002), R. Durham (2002), C. Garrett (2002), A. Ahsanuzzaman (2003), J. Beaza (2004), G. Brickley (2004), K. Maroney (2004), C. Evenson (2004), N. Madenlwald (2004), P. Baczynski (2005), B. Johnson (2005), C. Cool (2005), M. Mantell (2005), S. Viswanthan (2005), H. Sirivooru (2006), N. Baylor (2006), K. Walker (2007), D. Ertugrul (2007), C. Milligan (2007), A. Sutter (2008), J. Clifton (2008), B. Haskins (2008), C. Whittenburg (2009), L. Klement (2010), D. Morris (2010), B. Callies (2013), J. Berdis (2013), Heck (2013)J. Morris (2014), E. Nazar (2014), McCumber (2014).

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