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Anagnostopoulos Vasileios

 "Anagnostopoulos Vasileios "

anagnostopoulos Dr. Vasileios A. Anagnostopoulos graduated with a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Chemistry from University of Patras at 2006. He pursued graduate studies in the Department of Chemistry at University of Patras. He received his Master of Science in Environmental Analysis and Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (Radiochemistry) in 2011. His graduate studies focused on the speciation and mobility of uranium in acidic aquatic systems, as well as thermodynamic and kinetic studies of radionuclide interaction with natural substrates. In 2009, Dr. Anagnostopoulos spent 6 months in the Department of Chemical Technology, University of A Coruna (Spain) and worked on projects related to mercury and arsenic decontamination. In 2012, Dr. Anagnostopoulos joined University of Miami in the United States, as a Postdoctoral Fellow and in 2014 he joined Florida International University, United States' 5th largest academic institution.

He is currently with the Applied Research Center of Florida International University, as Task Lead of the "Rapid Deployment of Engineered Solutions for Environmental Problems at the Hanford and Savannah River Sites" project. This project supports directly the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management (DOE EM) by assisting with environmental cleanup in the soil and groundwater at Hanford and Savannah River Sites, ex-nuclear weaponry production sites. His current research activities include the development of remediation techniques for uranium contaminated soil and groundwater, the investigation of uranium mineral dissolution and the examination of different environmental and biotic factors' role in uranium mobility, in close collaboration with scientists from Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). His research interests focus on the mechanisms and the factors (physicochemical and biotic) that determine the fate of contaminants in soil and aquatic systems, speciation modelling, the development of innovative techniques for pollution abatement, as well as wastewater treatment. Dr. Anagnostopoulos provides mentorship on research and scientific writing to DOE Fellows and is also coordinator of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Scholars and Fellows Program in Florida International University.

Dr. Anagnostopoulos was awarded the DOE Mentor of the Year Award in 2015 and the Reviewer of the Year Award by Elsevier Editorial Board (2014). He has broad experience as a researcher in various projects sponsored by European Union, the Greek state and the Spanish Ministry of Sciences, while he has lead research efforts as a Principal Investigator sponsored by the US Department of Energy. He has also been the lead analyst for radionuclide monitoring in natural and anthropogenic systems (water, soil, construction materials) in International Atomic Energy Agency Worldwide Studies.

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